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Street Kombat 3?

2009-06-27 22:07:21 by Enegue

I've been contemplating on making one last episode, just to give it that trilogy kind of feel.
Some ideas I've been stirring up was to use Shenlong instead of Makoto as shown in the ending of SK2.
The reason being my intentions were to stop at SK2 so I'd throw in a character I wouldn't have to sequence into a fight.

And for those of you who don't know who Shenlong is, he was supposedly a hoax/april fools joke from capcom way back in the day. He looks similar to gouken and akuma, has a scar across one of his eyes and has tattoos on his arms.
Of course I would have to do my own sprite edits if I decide to go through with part tres that is. And that would take a good chunk of time to do.

These are just ideas still up in the air, but for those of you who were curious. =]
Later gators.


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