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Upcoming project in progress

2009-09-14 22:54:52 by Enegue

Here is the promo poster for my upcoming flash, SK3 - Destruction Theory
The conflict between two legendary characters. The nonexistant Shen Long vs Shang Tsung, the ultimate prick in the MK series.
Release is still TBA.
Stick around :)

Upcoming project in progress


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2009-10-17 03:57:25

Hey there!
Your animation looks awesome and nice.
So this is your upcoming animation.
I know it will be nice.


2009-10-18 02:24:49

hey dude nice effect look like MKvsSF 3 .


2009-10-18 02:25:43

So when r u going to release it ?
try to put your best effort in this animation


2009-10-18 02:26:12

and last best of luck for your animation