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Entry #12

Back from Hiatus

2010-08-26 04:06:26 by Enegue

Hello to anyone who ever followed my projects,

After taking a long deserved hiatus and processing a new style rather than using similar inspirations from other's works, I am pleased to say I will have something out soon for anyone who enjoys my shit.
I will no longer be sticking with the cliche style of SF vs MK, although I might still work with sprites down the road, who knows.
In retrospect, I did somewhat fuck myself over by straying from my original style to something very similar to Proxicide's work. And for that, I apologize for being such a dip-shit.



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2010-08-27 14:44:49

I forgive you, everyone makes mistakes. You're a talented animator. Talented enough to almost fully replicate MK vs SF so that shows you have skill. I think if you do your own thing you can do big things in life. go for it :D
Also can't wait to see your new style


2010-10-23 17:42:42

DITTO! What he said! Let's see you do your own and rock the animation world.


2010-12-11 19:08:24

awesome cant wait to see your talent with something more original


2011-01-22 17:47:57

Great Vids dude. You gonna make a 4th one?